Personal details

Name: Uri Chachick
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-54-7797937
Birth date: 26th of July 1979
Status: Bachelor

Job history

2009 Up till today – WordPress sites developer
creating websites using the open source system – wordpress, תsystem maintenance, plugins development, theme development and adaptation to RTL languages.

2007-2015 -project management at Tapuz-people Ltd.
I was working directly with clients, working under pressure, managing other employees under deadlines. The job also required knowledge on UI and UX designing, QA and technical support.

2006-2007 – Home page editor at Tapuz-people Ltd.
I was locating user generated content, editing it and uploading to the site's front page. I was also timing a huge amount of content for automatic change during the day.

2004-2006 – product management at Tapuz-people Ltd.
My product were the site's blogs and personal discussion groups. I was giving technical support for users, UI and UX designing, QA and technical support.

2000-2004 – customer service at Orange
I was answering customer calls on financial issues. I was the inbox manager so I took care of the harder issues that couldn't be resolved in one call.


2005 Up till today – Several courses in philosophy and mass media at the Open University.
2003-2004 – Copywriting graduate at ACC college
1993-1997 – High school graduate with emphasis on physics and mathematics.

Military service

1997-2000 – i was serving as a anti-aircraft soldier. the service consisted mostly of radar surveillance. i ended my service at the rank of staff sergeant and as a team header.

Computer knowledge

Windows, Office, Photoshop, Html, CSS , basic knowledge in ASP, PHP and SQL


Hebrew and English

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